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Vaping products come in different forms. Online vape stores provide vaping products in a wide array of styles to suit the preferences of different individuals. D&R Vape Shop is a one-stop shop for all your vaping requirements in Australia. We provide high-quality vaping products and have become the most sought-after online vape store across Australia. There is a multitude of benefits that you can leverage from buying from us:

Better Prices: When you plan to buy vape products such as e-liquids, starter kits, coils, mods, and tanks, you can buy them online at a lower price compared to what you would pay at a local vape shop.

Quality Service: Many times, customers find it difficult to cope with online services but at our online vape shop, our friendly staff will provide you with excellent client support and give you personalised services that you may not find even at local vape shops across Australia.

Privacy and Confidentiality Factors: If you are someone who prefers keeping your identity confidential while purchasing a vaping device, we are your best choice in Australia.

Convenience: Do you have a vape store near your residence? Not everyone does. Access to vaping products across Australia has become simpler and convenient with us as we sell products at our shop and online, which is accessible on a 24/7 basis.

Variety: Local stores usually have few brands in their store and lesser stock supply. However, in our online store, you will find a huge variety of vaping devices and accessories of brands available across Australia.

Products We Offer

D&R Vape Shop provides many vaping products such as e-liquids, pod systems, mods, tanks, kits, coils, replacement coils, concentrates, batteries, chargers, and vaping accessories across Australia. The following vaping products are provided by our reputed online vape shop:

E-liquids: E-liquid or e-juice, when inserted into a vape pen, adds flavour when you vape.

Mods and Tanks: Mods are a bulkier form of e-cig models and offer relatively more power and flavour as compared to vape pens. The mods available online come as a separate unit placed from the tank and battery, and has benefits such as improved customisation, larger clouds, and better flavour, making it rank high amongst other vapers available in the market.

Coils and Replacement Coils: To vaporise the e-liquid, the atomizer in the vaping unit is required. It is nothing but a coil of wire wrapped in a type of wicking material, where the wick absorbs the e-liquid.

Pod Systems: A pod vape is a mini vape that contains two parts, namely the pod and the vape juice that it is filled with, which snaps into a small-sized battery. It comes in pre-filled or refillable designs, and some even contain power buttons, but most are automatic, which needs to only be dragged to produce vapour.

Why Choose Us?

D&R Vape Shop is a one-of-a-kind online vape store in Australia that strives to provide high-quality vaping products online at budget-friendly prices across all main cities including Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Queensland, and Tasmania. Call us on (03) 5561 2963 or (08) 8374 4333 or browse our online vaping products and accessories to know more!