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D & R Vape Shop is the most trusted name in providing vape replacement coils across Australia. Also known as atomizers, vape replacement coils are the replacement units in which the e-liquids get heated up and vaporized. It is the coiling of wire on which the wick is wrapped to soak up the e-liquid and then it is drawn into the vape coil. Once the device is activated, power from the battery heats the coil. This then vaporizes the e-liquid. Hence before you choose your vape coil replacement, it is crucial to ensure whether it is the right time to do it, to prevent any cost overheads. This is where you need a professional to guide you on using vape replacement coils appropriately. Our friendly staff at D & R Vape Shop offers exactly this to all our customers across Australia!

Retain Freshness of E-Liquid Flavour with Our Vape Coil Replacements

When the e-cigarette juice no longer produces a fresh flavour, it means that the coil has reached its maximum life. To retain the flavour, dispose of your coil and secure a new vape coil. Secondly, make sure you saturate the wicking material by looking out for juice holes on the body of the coil’s head. Once the device is filled, the tank has to be reassembled and attached to the battery. After taking four to five dry hits, that is, without activating the fire button of the battery, the vape juice then soaks into the battery’s cotton wick. This is how you retain the flavour of the e-juice with D & R Vape Shop’s coil replacements.

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D & R Vape Shop is a trusted name when it comes to online vape supplies in Australia. Making your vape coils last longer is crucial, so our team of experts at D & R Vape Shop can guide you to choose your best vape coil replacements across Australia. Call us on (03) 5561 2963 or (08) 8374 4333 or browse our wide array of vape coil replacements from popular and trusted brands across the Australian suburbs at