Priority Blends E-Liquids

Priority Blends are an Australian boutique producer of premium e-liquids and have an incredible range of delicately blended flavors in high demand throughout the 'Aussie' vape community.

Priority Blends produce the vape flavors that experienced vapers' demand in terms of texture, taste and tangibility and are Australia's fastest growing e-liquid brand, with many of their vape flavors being the #1 sell out Vape Juice across many of Adelaide's trendy Vape Bar's.

The brand was conceived by Big Dave after he migrated to the Vape world from a massive daily cigarette habit hoping to save some dollars and improve his overall health. It was not long before Big Dave's love of the Vape took him from adventurous amateur to critical connoisseur. He needed bigger bolder flavors and mightier textures to tantalize his newfound pastime.