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If you are on the search for the best online vape store in Hobart & all over Tasmania, search no more! D&R Vape Shop is a one-stop shop for all your vaping supplies in Tasmania with a wide array of vaping products and accessories. Whether you are a beginner to vaping or someone looking to change to vaping from tobacco smoking habits, D&R Vape Shop is the best that you can rely on. From e-cigarettes of varying strengths, mods, tanks, nicotine, and nicotine-free e-liquids, we offer all types of vaping supplies online with a fast delivery and shipping model. This way, we ensure that when you purchase from us online, you get your vaping products and accessories at competitive prices. Additionally, if you are someone looking for different flavours in vaping, we can get you e-liquids of your choice.

Why Nicotine and E-Liquids Are Better Than Cigarettes?

The main difference between smoking and vaping lies in how nicotine is delivered into your system. The burning end of the cigarette needs to reach a temperature of 900°C or 1652°F,and this combustion process generates carcinogenic chemicals, which makes smoking dangerous. On the other hand, vaping heats these ingredients into aerosols that form vapour and does not burn chemicals. E-cigarettes and vaping devices contain e-juices that help in improving the overall vaping experience. E-juice contains 4 major components namely PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerine or Glycerol), flavouring concentrates, and nicotine (E-juices also come nicotine-free as 0 mg nicotine strength). Moreover, e-cigarettes have been seen as a potentially effective smoking cessation tool.

Shop for All Vaping Supplies at One Place in Tasmania

It is difficult if you have to choose different components for vaping from different sources or stores. At D&R Vape Shop, we ensure that you get all the required vaping products online from exactly a single place. We have a wide array of vaping supplies of high quality, which are as below:

  • E-liquids: There is a wide range of e-juices that are available across Tasmania where you can choose your favourite flavour from.
  • E-Cigarettes: We offer high-quality battery-operated devices called e-cigarettes, which emit vaporised solutions like nicotine to inhale.
  • Nicotine: We provide unflavoured, freebase, and salt nicotine e-liquids online across Tasmania.
  • Battery and Chargers: Vape batteries and chargers are necessary to power the coil, which will heat the e-liquid and produce vapours.
  • Concentrates: Vaping concentrates are active ingredients that permit improved inhalation of vapours from chosen flavours of e-juices in the e-cigarettes. Common examples of concentrates available are menthol concentrates, VG & PG (Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol) concentrates, and other priority-blend herbal concentrates available online across Tasmania.
  • Starter Kits: We offer the best starter kits in Tasmania from where you can purchase starter kits of your style and brand.
  • Coils: Coils help vaporise the e-juice. The atomizer in the vaping unit is a coil of wire wrapped with the wick that absorbs the e-juice.
  • Pods: Pods are mini vapes that contain the pod and the e-juice filled in it. We offer pods that either come in pre-filled or refillable variants/ structures.
  • Mods and Tanks: There are different types of mods that are available online and they sometimes come as separate units placed from the tank and battery and can also be customised.
  • Accessories: We offer vaping accessories such as batteries, chargers, battery cases, spare tank glass, vape cotton, drip tips, coil wires, etc.

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D&R Vape Shop is a leading and trusted name in the field of vaping supplies and accessories sale for many years now. We offer high-quality vaping products from e-liquids, mods, batteries, chargers, replacement coils, e-juices in a wide range of premium blends and flavours, and other vaping accessories in Hobart and all over Tasmania.

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