TFC Titanium Fiber Cotton - D & R Vape
TFC Titanium Fiber Cotton - D & R Vape

TFC Titanium Fiber Cotton

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Titanium Fiber Cotton The right cotton definitely gives you a better taste and TFC have hit the nail on the head. Anti-dry hit with strong Organic fibre providing the perfect blend of micropores that allow liquid absorption fast and evenly for the perfect vape. -100% organic cotton -100% real flavour and optimum clouds from your juice Contents 2 rolls per tin (approx 1 meter)

basic fiber gives cotton texture with micro pores that make liquid absorption fast and even

Strengthens 100% real flavour from liquid

Packaging cans design that aims to support the safety of cotton

Contents 2roll / tin (approximately 1 meter)

anti dry hit

100% organic cotton

100% flavour