Vaping or otherwise known as Vaporizers, Vapes or e-cigarettes heat a liquid into vapor (Aerosol, sometimes containing nicotine) powered by battery device. Vaping is not recommended for persons under 18 or non-smokers. Vaping is used as a safer substitute for those that are unable or unwilling to give up smoking or nicotine intake.

There is mounting evidence that vaping is helping many many people quit smoking. Millions of smokers have been able to quit with the aid of a vaporizers in other countries. The most popular being the UK, US and EU. With governments supporting the use of vaporizers

Ultimately the complete cessation of all tobacco and nicotine is the safest option but where this doesn’t work premium vapour juice is an effective form of reducing the harm that nicotine intake combined with combustible tobacco causes. The aim is to reduce the harm from smoke without the need to quit nicotine. Vaping is effective because it:

• Delivers nicotine and relieves the urge to smoke

• Provides a ‘smoking-like experience’ – it addresses the behavioral (hand-to-mouth action), sensory (‘throat hit’, taste, inhaling and exhaling a visible ‘smoke’) and social aspects of the smoking ritual – but without most of the harmful toxins in smoke.

• It is a much cheaper option

• There is a community of vapers that see the benefits and support others that are also wanting to find their way in the vaping world