Vapourworx Pomegranate Smash e-Liquid

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Pomegranate Smash

Pomegranate, layered with blueberry and blackcurrant undertones.


VapourworX are exciting e-Liquid manufacturer from South Australia with a pallate for vape perfection. The VapourworX range currently boasts 9 exciting vape e-juice flavours and their mixes use only USP grade PG and BP grade VG.

Important Notes

Singlers” are ready to go meaning you can add the vape juice straight into your tank and enjoy vaping.

Doublers” mean double strength flavour that comes in half bottles that are ready for mixing with nicotine, or diluting with VG or PG.

D&R Vape DO NOT supply nicotine and no vape juice sold on this website contains nicotine.