Mister Devices Tube Tamer Rebuild-able Coil
Mister Devices Tube Tamer Rebuild-able Coil - D & R Vape
Mister Devices Tube Tamer Rebuild-able Coil - D & R Vape
Mister Devices

Mister Devices Tube Tamer Rebuild-able Coil

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5 Loop double braid. Perfect for the single battery tube or squonk mech mod lovers. Super quick ramp up and amazing flavour.

36 gauge Twisted Messes Ni80

Single coil resistance 0.20 Ohms (Approximately)

Dual Coil resistance 0.10 Ohms (Approximately)

1 Set = 2 Coils

Coil Installation and maintenance

Ensure post holes in your atty are sized adequately for your coils. If you squish the legs to make them fit you will most likely get a permanent hot spot at the squish location and the coil will most likely be destroyed.


Braided coils are delicate and require a little more attention when installing and dry firing. Be gentle and take your time when installing into your chosen atty taking care not to warp and bend the coil out of shape. Once installed, start the heating process at 10 watts working out any hot spots slowly until you reach a maximum of 50 watts. By 50 watts you should have been able to gently pinch, stretch, wiggle and jiggle all the hot spots out. If you dry fire your coils higher than 50 watts you are also reducing the life of your coils. Keep the heat low, don't let them glow.


To help maximise the lifespan of your coil, it's recommended that you clean them frequently. Allowing juice gunk to build up will require higher temperatures to burn off which reduces the lifespan of the coil. Dry fire at low wattage to burn off excess gunk then place under a slow running to almost dripping tap to give them a little rinse. Repeat a couple of times until all the gunk is gone. Remember, keep the heat low don't let them glow. (Do not fire while they are under the tap for obvious reasons) Check for any hot spots, re-wick and you're good to go.


Look after your coils and they will look after you :-)