Dirty Angel Vape

Dirty Angel Vape Oddball e-Liquid

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A softly melting bowl of ice cream sprinkled with hazelnuts waiting for you to have a taste. This juice is rich like Trump and nutty like the Mad Hatter. Oddball brings the best of both worlds in this perfectly balanced juice.

Dirty Angel Vape

Dirty Angel Vape has been here since 2016 and has continued to offer excellent service and great customised options with vape accessories. They continue to bring top quality products and they are more than willing to listen to customers requests. All of their Juices are made to a very high quality and all work is done by hand. The same can be said for the e-liquids they offer ranging to suit many different options and needs.

Important Notes

Sold as Doublers ONLY. “Doublers” mean double strength flavour that comes in half bottles that are ready for mixing with nicotine, or diluting with VG or PG.

D&R Vape DO NOT supply nicotine and no vape juice sold on this website contains nicotine.