The Barton e-Liquids

The Barton Vape Co - a new line of premium tobacco juices by vape4lfe which includes:

  • Lammi - The ultimate lamington vape for chocoholics everywhere! This is rich chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate laced with coconut;
  • Rollie - Pure, robust full flavoured pouch tobacco at its best;
  • Barton gold - A light tobacco flavour that is smooth, smooth, smooth;
  • Barton Red - A classic tobacco taste with a true matured Virginian twist;
  • Rumble - This is a juice to stimulate the senses. An amazing combination of coconut and rum with a tobacco twist;
  • Bourbon Baccy - A full bodied tobacco flavour infused with bourbon;
  • Barton Green - Just as you imagine, a premium menthol tobacco flavour;
  • Vanilla Baccy - The perfect blend of vanilla bean and rich cured tobacco, the perfect pair
The Barton Vape Co / FAVES
The Barton Vape Co
from $28.30