Juicy Jesse Klein's Top Picks

A strange vapour blowing marsupial is the young 'Kleinster' who has migrated from Australia's north and settled with the intention of procreating in South Australia. A friendly local but quite obscene, Jessie has offered to curate his top 8 juices for D&R Vape's new website:

  1. Swango due to its rich mango creamy cream
  2. Oddball as it is 'filthy'
  3. Zombie Strawberry as it is 'sweet like me'...
  4. Milk'd reminiscing of the tit
  5. Red Vs. Blue which the constantly evolving state of my testistocles
  6. Sugar Bean this is 'my' coffee as i don't drink coffee
  7. KRUSHA who doesn't like a lime milkshake
  8. Pine Lime perfect summer vaping this is refreshing AF

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