MTL vs. DL: Understanding What Each Vape Style Is

With popular studies showing the advantages of vaping over traditional smoking, Australia has seen a sudden surge in the number of people choosing to switch to vaping. Most people who are new to vaping often get overwhelmed by the vast variety of choices for devices, e-juices, and styles of vaping.

Essentially, MTL (mouth to lungs) and DL (direct lungs) are two different styles of inhaling. As a consumer, it is important to understand the type of inhaling one is accustomed to in order to choose the appropriate device. These terms are typically used to describe the hardware part of vapes, such as tanks and kits. Experienced vapers find these terms especially useful for choosing a tank or a kit that meets their personal needs. Given below is an essential guide for someone new to vaping as it’s likely that these terms can often be confusing.

What is MTL?

MTL or Mouth-to-Lung refers to a certain kind of inhaling. In this inhaling method, the vaper takes the vapour into their mouth and holds it there before inhaling it further into the lungs. Since, a significant percentage of vapers are ex-smokers, e-cigs were originally made to mimic real cigarettes. MTL is the closest to traditional smoking experience as they offer a tighter as well as a more restricted draw.

Often, MTL vapers prefer e-liquids with high propylene glycol (PG) ratio. This is because such e-liquids provide vapers with a more satisfactory throat hit. Additionally, this method lets the vaper taste the vapour before taking it into their lungs. Hence, there are several different choices in terms of varying taste profiles that are often readily available to vapers.

What is DL?

DL or Direct-Lung is yet another type of inhaling. Here, the vaper tries to take in the vapour directly into the lungs, without holding it in their mouth. This method is usually preferred by seasoned vapers. The team of experts at D & R Vape has observed that the DL form of vaping can cause significant elevation in dopamine levels and is known to be more satisfying when compared to MTL. DL method requires suitable devices, like the ones with adjustable airflows or completely open airflows. This is because DL method is more like breathing and would require one to take long, steady, and smooth draws. This method is especially useful for cloud chasing. Furthermore, it is extremely vital to find appropriate e-liquids.

DL vaping typically requires e-liquids that have low nicotine contents. Additionally, it is observed that such e-liquids often contain VG (vegetable glycerine) as it helps to create a much thicker but smoother vapour, which in turn would lead to a lesser throat hit.

MTL vs. DL

MTL vs. DL

The MTL vs. DL vaping is often a topic of serious debate in the vaping community. However, both are simply methods of inhaling and it is the likes and desires of the user that ultimately decides on either one of the methods. As mentioned earlier, MTL provides its users with more of a throat kick, which is common among traditional smokers. Hence, these were originally created for smokers who seek to transition. Furthermore, MTL requires e-liquids that have less nicotine contents. MTL method is often parallel with traditional smoking. Additionally, it is a known fact that DL vaping is used for cloud chasing, which causes the e-liquid to run out. At D& R Vape Shop, we have a range of products appropriate for both kinds of inhaling.

Which Type of E-Liquid Should You Go For?

Typically, beginners who were smokers previously often find MTL method of inhaling more comforting to start with. This is mostly because they mirror traditional tobacco smoking. Most commercial vape devices are often made for MTL as they have tighter draws. Often, former smokers gravitate towards MTL because they are more familiar with it from traditional smoking. Furthermore, DL inhaling is a lot more intense than MTL. Hence, beginners may find it a bit hard to get accustomed to as it usually makes them cough. MTL method allows the user to savour the flavour notes of the e-liquid as they hold the vapour in the mouth first. Interestingly, MTL inhaling adds less air to the vapour, thus maintaining the intensity of flavour.

DL vaping is better suited for those people who cloud chase. Additionally, they are also suited for people who want to explore newer realms of intense vaping experiences. It is often seen that most vapers who start out with MTL later move on to DL vaping as their vaping journey progresses.

Finally, it is important to understand that the choice for methods of inhaling largely depends on personal tastes and likes of the individual. Hence, it is extremely vital for a user to find out what they like the best in order to make an informed choice. At D & R Vape, we have a team of passionate professionals who work tirelessly to provide our clients with a wide range of choices for vaping devices and accessories.

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